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FAQ - Standard Dimmer Switches

Load or
Lamp Type
Standard Series
Intelligent Series
Universal Series

Varilight Codes
Beginning With
H.. I.. J..
Requiring Leading Edge Dimmer Yes Yes Yes
Requiring Trailing Edge Dimmer Yes
Incandescent GLS Lamps Yes Yes Yes
Dichroic Lamps
(1-5 Transformers)
Yes Yes Yes
Dichroic Lamps
(1-20 Transformers)
Yes Yes
Dichroic Lamps
(Varilight Transformers)
Yes Yes Yes
Mains Halogen
(GU10 etc)
Yes Yes Yes
Wire Wound Low Voltage
(or other inductive load)
Varilight Dimmable CFL Yes Yes Yes
Other Dimmable CFL
(Subject to Manufacturers Guidelines)
Dimmable Mains LED Yes
Dimmable Ballast

Standard Dimmer Switches - FAQ's

Some Frequently Asked Questions on Standard Dimmer Switches are detailed below:

  • Are they supplied with screws & instructions?
Yes, all standard dimmer switches are supplied with fixing screws & instructions on how to wire the switch.
  • How many bulbs can one switch run?
Each switch varies in the wattage it can run.  This can be worked out by a simple mathematical calculation of the following... Maximum wattage of the dimmer switch divided by the wattage of the dimmable bulb you wish to run.  For example, a one gang 250 watt dimmer switch can run a maximum of 5 x 50 watt dimmable bulbs.  Please Note: It is not wise to use the switch to its' maximum load.
  • Can you buy replacement knobs for the switches?
Over time things become worn naturally and if necessary replacement knobs can be purchased for the switches.  However, please note replacement modules are not available.
  • Can I get replacement plates for the switches?
No, unfortunately the manufacturer does not supply replacement plates.
  • How deep must the back-box be in order to accommodate the dimmer switch?
The depth of the switches vary.  Some may require a deeper recess in the wall.   All switches will fit comfortably in a 25mm back-box, however the bigger the air space around the module, the better the air flow will be around the module to promote cooling.
  • How may finishes are the switches supplied in?
There are a number of beautiful finishes to suit your taste and the style of your room.  These include Matt Chrome, Satin Chrome, Mirror Chrome, Iridium Black, Jet Black, Premium White, Standard White, White Chocolate, Victorian Brass, Antique Brass, Pewter, Brushed Brass, Wooden, Graphite & Mocha. Other finishes are available, for example Granite. Please enquire at sales@theinternetelectricalstore.com or call 0800 043 5532 for other finishes not listed.
  • What styles are available for Standard Dimmer Switches?
A wide range of styles are available to suit your requirements.  The range includes Standard Plates, Screwless Plates & Ultra Flat Plates.
  • What is the difference between Rotary & Push On/Push Off dimmer switches?
Rotary dimmer switches must be turned to switch the light on/off, whereas Push On/Push Off dimmer switches turn the light on at the setting previously chosen.
  • What is the difference between V-Pro, V-Plus & Standard Dimmer Switches?
V-Pro are specifically for LED's, V-Plus are Trailing Edge dimmer switches and Standard Dimmer Switches are used for CFL & Halogen bulbs.
  • What is the difference between a 20 watt and a 40 watt minimum load?
Low Load dimmers are specifically for LED's, the dimmer range is here, a standard dimmer such as Hi3, has a minimum load of 40 watts, so make sure you have atleast that load (ie 2 x 20 watt bulbs or a 40 watt halogen), if 20 watts such as a JSP401.

Dimmer Switches To Create the Perfect Mood
Whether you're watching the football with some friends, playing games with the family, relaxing after a hard days work or preparing for a romantic meal; lighting is essential in making the most out of any situation. Nothing sets the mood the same way the right lighting can, and we all want to    achieve these treasured moments.
Dimmer switches are not a new modern convention by any means, they have been around since 1890, but they have come a long way in terms of style, structure and convenience for you. No longer do we have to worry about time consuming wiring and a lack of choice in looks and styles. A dimmer switch can be just the key to enhancing your atmosphere for any occasion. Just browsing theinternetelectricalstore.com will leave you buzzing with ideas for your home. Hosting a wide range of dimmerswitches to match any style of decor and taste, to allow you to put the finishing touches to a house to make it into your home.
Let your imagination flow as you browse across our extensive catalogue. For lovers of a more modern approach to decorating, we have a versatile selection of chrome and brushed steel finished dimmers that would look fantastic and provide you with that much needed control to the atmosphere of a room. Sleek and sophisticated, they would look the part in any home looking to carry off that modern look.
If you have a taste for the finer things in life, an elegant Georgian or Victorian brass dimmer switch would couple beautifully with any home looking to perfect the classical look, whether you wish to add atmosphere to the study, kitchen, living room or bedroom.
And for those who enjoy a more simplistic style of decoration to their house, choose from our kilnwood wooden dimmer switches which range from light and breezy ash woods to a grand oak and deep, rich mahogany. Or, for even more simplicity why not look at our standard white collection, coupled with aluminium knobs. Either way, they are a perfect compliment to any house styled for that natural, easy-going atmosphere.
Whatever you are looking for, we have something to suit your mood and taste. All dimmer switches come with a 1 year guarantee with the added reassurance that replacement parts are available if you require them. Create your own mood at theinternetelectricalstore.com

Any further queries, please email sales@theinternetelectricalstore.com or call us on 0800 043 5532.

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