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Kanlux Outdoor Flood Lighting (Halogen, CFL, Metal Halide, LED)

Our Kanlux Outdoor Flood Light Section features over 100 Outdoor Flood Lights in black and white finishes.  Choose from Halogen, LED, Metal Halide and CFL light sources, with or without a PIR Motion Sensor.  Flood Light Power ratings available range from 2 Watt LED, to 1500 Watt Halogen units.

Outside Floodlights are a great way to provide Security Lighting for your home, garden or driveway.  Motion Sensor Lighting helps to save energy and therefore money, because lights are switched on and off only when needed. 

So if you are looking to improve security around the house, or just need to make some lighting energy savings, our Sales Team is always happy to help via email at, or by phone on 0800 043 5532.

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