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P800 Futronix 8 Channel Remote Control Dimmer, Polished Stainless Steel inc Remote Control

Brand: Futronix
Condition: New
Product Code: P800PSS
Weight: 4kg
RRP: £884.99
Price Inc VAT : £879.99
Price Ex. VAT : £733.33

P800 Futronix 8 Channel Remote Control Dimmer, Polished Stainless Steel inc Remote Control

The P800 puts the luxury of multi-room control in your hands. Your favourite lighting levels in four rooms can be operated from the attractive wall mounted switch panels. You can create the mood or set the scene in each area for every purpose.

The all digital dimming design is so compact that not only does the unit contain 8 channels of dimming but it is approximately 1” (25.4mm) smaller in all dimensions than any comparable product. With the robust, pre-wired, steel back-box supplied with each P800, convenient and easy installation is assured.

Up to 10 x P800’s can be linked - an impressive 80 channels of multi-zone lighting control. So, in addition to providing ultimately flexible lighting control for luxury homes, the P800 can be used for conference rooms, seminar rooms, small restaurants, bars, hotel rooms and other light commercial applications.

Remote Control

Scene Dimming
The ability to create scenes is one of the features that distinguish a top-class dimmer. The P800’s 8 channels can be programmed to any level of brightness from 0 to 100%, with the levels automatically stored as one of 20 scenes per channel, each offering a different 'look' to your entire room or space.

Set your desired scenes for entertaining, relaxing, watching TV or reading - or for security or energy saving. Once set up, recall your favourite scenes simply by touching a single button on either the switch panel or the supplied remote control unit.

Click here to see a '
Demonstration of Scene Dimming

Remote Control
Your choice of dimming levels can be selected with the remote control supplied with the P800. Programme dimming levels, master raise and lower, fade rate and sleep timer duration – all from the convenient remote control. Or you can adjust any of the lighting levels without storing them. The P800 also can be controlled by 3rd party remote control devices including touch screens via the industry standard IR interface.

Programme the P800’s timer to select any scene at any time and on any day of the week - up to 70 different events each week (10 per day).

For the bedroom, the P800 features a 2-hour sleep delay timer, or the timer can be set to fade up bedroom lights in the morning.

For home cinemas or living spaces, uses range from ‘welcome’ scenes - which automatically switch on selected house lights for your return home - to selecting security settings. Use the timer to control lighting for 8 channels – set scenes to appear at pre-programmed times and adjust the atmosphere of a room or space, even if you are away from your home.

Programme a security sequence that can last several minutes or many hours, giving the impression that the property is occupied. Automatically sequence through your pre-set scenes, displaying each one for any variable length of time.

Unique to the P800 domestic dimmer is the ability to create multiple lighting zones. Normally a zone corresponds to a room, and with the P800 you can create up to 4 zones – meaning you can set 20 scenes in each of the 4 rooms.

For bigger systems with even more flexibility, up to 10 x P800’s can be connected together, providing up to 80 channels of lighting.

By linking a series of scenes and programming the duration and fade rate, the P800 can be used to provide lighting displays. Applications of this feature include exhibitions and home cinema where it can be used to create a ‘transition’ light show before and after a film.

Fluorescent dimming
4 channels of 1-10v industry standard fluorescent dimming control are built into the P800 as standard. Up to 30 dimmable ballasts can be connected to each of the 4 control outputs.


Elegant Room with Futronix

Ideal for light commercial use! The P800 has high build quality, featuring robust construction with hand-finished 2mm thick solid metal face plates, generously rated heatsinks and a very high level of short circuit protection. The P800 also features a wall mounted, all steel back-box, pre-wired for easy connection.


  • 8 channel 2.0kW dimmer
  • 4 channels of 1-10v fluorescent ballast dimming control
  • no minimum load on any channel
  • control up to 8 circuits (channels) with 20 programmable scenes per area
  • multi-zone (can control up to 4 rooms independently)
  • infra-red remote control
  • built-in LED information display and infra-red receiver
  • variable fade rates from 0.5 seconds to 2 hours (to gradually turn lights on/off)
  • temporary circuit adjustment without save
  • master raise and lower
  • exit delay
  • sleep timer
  • built-in 24-hr 7-day event timer (battery-backed)
  • security settings
  • permanent memory (in the event of a power blackout you don't lose pre-set scenes or need to re-programme your dimmer)
  • pre-wired wall box for electrician-friendly installation

Wall Mounting Back-box
The P800 comes with its own wall back-box, fabricated of robust steel with welded corners, and welded screw lugs to prevent them being knocked out when clearing away plaster after decorators have finished their work.

The electrician simply fits the wall box and connects the building's wiring to the connector on the back. Then, once the wall decoration is finished, the P800 dimmer is simply plugged into the back-box connector and screwed into the back-box.


  • pre-wired with flexible wiring – easily folded to fit into the box
  • colour-coded cable markers
  • large earth terminals
  • built-in fuse holder
  • high quality German-made connectors

8 channels @ 1KW - Max 2.0kW
No minimum load on any channel
Controls: tungsten, halogen, low voltage, neon and fluorescent (HF)

Mains supply input voltage
& frequency
220-240V ac 50Hz
208-270V ac 60Hz
120V ac 60Hz
Mains supply input current
16A (Max) incoming supply
Number of channels
8 channels per P800
Maximum number of
P800 channel systems
10 x P800’s can be interconnected
= 80 channels
4 zones (areas/rooms)
Switch panels
3 switch panels per P800
Dimming output (max)
1kW per channel (max)
Total Dimmer Load (max)
2kW across all 8 channels (max)
Dimming output (min)
No minimum load on any channel
Switching output (max)
1kW per channel (max)
Load type
Tungsten, mains halogen, neon & fluorescent (HF), low voltage (magnetic & leading edge dimmable transformers)
Network connection
12V four core non twisted pair
Fuses 2 x 8A
Wall box sizes (W,H,D) mm
160 x 102 x 65 mm (Pre-wired type)

P800 Futronix 8 Channel Remote Control Dimmer, Polished Stainless Steel inc Remote Control
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