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Remote On/Off Light Switches - Frequently Asked Questions

Remote On/Off Light Switches - FAQ's

Some Frequently Asked Questions on Remote On/Off Switches are detailed below:

  • Do all the remote On/Off switches come with remote controls?
Only certain models are supplied with a remote control.
  • Are they supplied with screws & instructions?
Yes, all Remote On/Off Light Switches are supplied with fixing screws & instructions on how to wire the switch.
  • How many bulbs can one switch run?
Each switch varies in the wattage it can run.  This can be worked out by a simple mathematical calculation of the following... Maximum wattage of the Remote On/Off Light Switch divided by the wattage of the bulb you wish to run.  For example, a one gang 250 watt On/Off switch can run a maximum of 5 x 50 watt bulbs.  Please Note: It is not wise to use the switch to its' maximum load.
  • Can I get replacement plates for the switches?
No, unfortunately the manufacturer does not supply replacement plates.
  • How deep must the back-box be in order to accommodate the Remote On/Off Switch?
The depth of the switches vary.  Some may require a deeper recess in the wall.   All On/Off switches will fit a minimum 35mm back-box.  However a larger back-box, for example 47mm, is recommended to accommodate cables comfortably.  The bigger the air space around the module, the better the air flow will be around the module to promote cooling.
  • How may finishes are the switches supplied in?
There are a number of beautiful finishes to suit your taste and the style of your room.  These include Black, White, Pink & Blue.

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