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Home > Remote Touch Dimmer Switches > Remote Touch Dimmer Switches - Frequently Asked Questions

Remote Touch Dimmer Switches - Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anything you want to know about our products? Please get in touch direct, via our contact form, via email: sales@theinternetelectricalstore.com or give us a call on Freephone 0800 043 5532 or 01342 821433.

Q - How do I programme or re-programme the Varilight YRC8 unit?

A -  The instructions are as follows :

Dimmers with an "eye" in the middleof the sensor are pre- programmed to respond to button 1 and button 8 on the varilight remote control handset. Alternatively , the dimmers with a "eye" in the middle of the sensor can be programmed to respond to any of the buttons 1 to 7 varilight remote control handset or any button on the remote control handet you have at home already. If there is a button that you do not currently use then you can use it to control the dimmer by following steps carefully.

1. To set the dimmer into learning mode, after it is initalized, tap the sensor 6 times, roughly once per second.( each tap causes the light to turn on or off. After 6 taps on the sensor the light will step up and down once and go off.

2. Within 15 seconds and from a distance of less than 1 meter (3 feet) away, pointing directly at the "eye" press and hold down the chosen button, releasing after holding the button down for at least 2 seconds. The light(s) will turn off and on.

3. To confirm your choice, press and hold down the same button again releasing after holding the button down again for at least 2 seconds. If the programming has been successful, the light will turn on and off. The light then step up and down once to confirm. Try controlling the dimmer with the remote control. If it does not respond return to step 1 above and try agiain. If the problem persists , try a different button, a different remote control unit or purchase the Varilight controller.

4. You can now use this button on the remote control to operate the dimmer. As with the touch sensor, a single touch on the remote control button will turn the light(s) on and off. Holding the button down will make the brightness cycle up and down. To change the direction of the of the dimming cycle remove contact and then press the button again. Release contact from the button when the desired light level is reached. The dimmer can still operated using the touch sensor.

5. For 2 gang models, repeat steps 1 to 4 for each sensor, teaching each one a different button so you can control each one separately. You can change your choice of control button by following steps 1 to 4 again at any time.

Q - What is a Master & Slave?

A - The Master is the remote dimmer with an Infra-red eye, the Slave is used in a secondary location.

Q - Can a 4 Gang, 3 Gang and 2 Gang switch be supplied with a combination of Master, Slave & Normal 2 Way Switches?

A - Yes - by special order only. Special order switches are bespoke, manufactured to order and non refundable. If you are interested, give us a call on Freephone 0800 043 5532

Q - Is it normal for the dimmer to be warm to to the touch even when the lights are switched off?

A - Yes this is completely normal as a small current will still pass through the dimmer when it is off to maintain its memory function. This mean that the dimmer may still feel warm when touched.

Q - Should I be worried if the dimmer light switch is very warm during operation?

A - This is completely normal, the dimmer will become warm during use. The more lights that the dimmer is powering, the hotter the switch plate will become. On its maximum load, such as 400w or 600w the dimmer can become very warm, as long as the dimmer is not overloaded, there is no need to concern. There is an automatic function where if the dimmer is overloaded, it will turn down the lights or off as it has an intelligent micro-processor.

Q - What happens if I have a Power cut or I turn off the main power in the property?

A - The remote control will remember the button previously programmed to.

Q - Why won't my dimmer respond to the remote control?

A - Sounds obvious, but check that batteries are working, plus make sure the contact points in the handset are making contact and functional. Make sure the remote control is used with the remote touch or eclique dimmers as these are remote control only, not the rotary dimmers. Make sure the remote is pointed in the general direction of the switch, remembering it is a line of sight product and won't work through walls.

Finally try moving closer to the switch, the range will deteorate the more drained the batteries become.

Q - The lights are turned up fully, but seem to be working at less than full brightness?

A - Sometimes the lighting circuit can be drawing too much current, the dimmer will attempt to handle this overload by reducing the brightness of the lamps. It can also occur when certain types of bulb age.

Q - The Remote Dimmer Switch keeps turning itself off?

A - This is likely because the dimmer is grossly overloaded, therefore use lower wattage bulbs or dimmable electronic transformers to reduce the load. Also consider upgrading the dimmer, we have 1000 watt dimmers available.

The dimmer also has a safety overload protection device so if you are trying to control an unsuitable inductive load (wire-wound / torrodial transformer) then it will malfunction and the dimmer will try to correct the load. Change the transformer to resolve this.
See the NEW YRC8 and a NEW video showing all of the above.

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