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Trendiswitch Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do the screwless switches and sockets fit into standard back boxes?
Yes, the screwless switches and sockets are a dual plate system. The first plate screws in as normal, the second plate fits over the top of the first creating the screwless effect.
  • How deep must the back-box be in order to accommodate the switches and sockets?
The full Trendiswitch range will fit comfortably in a 25mm back-box. The minimum depth required is 16mm, however the bigger the air space around the module, the better the air flow will be around the module to promote cooling.
  • Are they supplied with screws & instructions?
Yes, the full Trendiswitch range is supplied with fixing screws & instructions on how to install the product. They are easy to install - simply replace your old switch as no additional wiring is required.
  • What material are the plates made of?
Each product is made from a high quality plastic which will not fade and is easy to clean. The wiring behind the switch or socket is encased in a fireproof ABS plastic module.
  • Are the products produced to European standards?
Yes, all the Trendiswitch products are manufactured to CE Certified standard and the double plug sockets to BS1363.
  • If I'm updating all my switches does this mean that I'll have to replace my light bulbs too?
No. Trendiswitch products work with all common types of light bulbs, eg. incandescent, fluorescent, LED etc.
  • Is the Internet Electrical Store an authorised Trendi Switch re-seller?
Yes the Internet Electrical Store is one of Trendi Switches authorised re-sellers and have been doing buisness with them for many years, here is a link to the Trendi authorised sellers: https://trendiswitch.com/where-to-buy-28-w.asp
  • Where can I find technical information on the Trendi Switch products?

All Trendi Switch technical & wiring advice can be found at https://trendiswitch.com/products-1-c.asp

  • Can I use Trendi light switches and plug sockets for a newly built house or apartment?

Yes as mentioned these switches are fine to be used in a newly built house or apartment as long as you have the wall boxes installed. All wiring is the same as standard switches and sockets.

  • How do they fit onto the existing socket?

We supply sub frames that uses the existing back box in your wall, available in all the same colours. The cover plate clips over the top.

  • Do you you also sell dimmers?

We currently sell dimmers with a rotary switch at https://www.theinternetelectricalstore.com/

  • Are the switches and sockets flush to the wall?

These plates are slightly curved and protrude from the wall by about 2mm. The plate clips over the top to conceal the screw holes.

  • Do you make intermediate switches?

Currently yes we do. They are available at https://www.theinternetelectricalstore.com/

  • Can these be used in multi-way switching?

Yes they can be use one way or two way and can do 1, 2, 3, 4 gang intermediate 3 way switching.

  • Where are TrendiSwitches or the various components made?

Trendi have an assembly line in the UK, Bulgaria & China. Component parts are sourced from the UK, EU & Asia.

  • Do these work on outlets outside of the UK?

Yes, they will work on all 220-240v category G countries, with a UK 3 pin plug.

  • Can these fit surface mounted boxes?

As long as they meet specifications, surface mounted boxes are fine.

To fit:           
•    always disconnect the mains before starting
•    ensure cables used are of the correct rating & type                                                                                       
•    familiarise yourself carefully with the location of the terminal connectors before wiring
•    follow diagrams below & ensure no bar wires protrude from the terminals
•    rocker switches do not need to be earthed due to the plastic face plate
•    screw frame into back/pattress box in wall
•    clip switch plate back onto frame to create screwless finish
•    re-connect the mains supply

To avoid tarnishing: 
•    recommended not fit to freshly plastered or damp surfaces
•    do not use masking tape – there really is no need with the Trendiswitch® 

Please find a range of Trendi switch wiring diagrams below for the various products in their range

How does the screwless plate work?


How do i wire a 1 gang 1 or 2 way switch?


How do you wire an intermediate (3 way) switch?


How to install a USB double plug socket?


How do I wire 1 & 2 gang plug sockets?

More wiring diagrams (TV, PC, Telephone, Dimmer, Sockets, Switches)


Is there anything else you would like to know about Trendiswitch products? Please get in touch direct, via our contact form, via email: sales@theinternetelectricalstore.com or give us a call on Freephone 0800 043 5532 or 01342 821433.  

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